Magician for Adults

I had an enquiry today for an event where the organiser specifically wanted a magician for adults. This is  very nice to hear as although my magic is aimed mainly at the adult audience a lot of people still think a Magician is only someone  you would hire to entertain children. When I tell people I am a magician a lot of times they respond with “Oh we could do with a magician for our 5yr olds birthday next month.”

For these people they have probably never seen a close up magician perform magic right in front of their eyes and for most people their perception of a magician is only what they have seen from the TV. If you are looking for party entertainment for adults a close up magician is the perfect choice.

Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy performing magic for children and at a wedding or party there are always going to be children which are always fascinated with my magic. I am always more than happy to show them a few tricks. However I am not going to perform a 45 minute routine for a 5 year old birthday party – if this is what you are looking for I can highly recommend Robby the Wizzard.

So Magic for the Adults – it can be as adult as you want it, and the most amazing thing is when watching the magic is the childlike feeling a lot of people get as they go back to a point in their life when they first experienced magic.

Anyway – enough rambling – have a great weekend

Roger Lapin

The Magician for Adults