Magician for Hire

Amazing Entertainer, I don’t know how he does it!” Alan Titchmarsh 

“No Way! How did you get that in there” Carol Vorderman

Best Table Magician I have ever seen” Laurie McMenemy – 

Great Skills!” Alan Shearer – Brilliant!” Nick Knowles 

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Magician for Hire

Magician for Hire Roger Lapin performing as a Table Magician for Alan Titchmarsh

Magician for Hire

You have landed on this page because you are hopefully looking to find a magician for hire to perform at an event you are planning? Most people do not hire a magician very often so are often left wondering how do I actually hire a magician?

Well the answer is just the same as how you would hire a plumber, electrician or any tradesman to do a job. The first step is to find a magician, so normally you would ask friends or maybe you have seen a magician at a wedding or a party you have been to and have just asked the organiser of the event for the magicians details.

If none of the above apply to you then you have probably gone onto google and typed in something like “magician for hire” or “how to hire a magician” you have landed here which is great and hopefully I can guide you through the process.

As I have mentioned at the top of the page, my name is Roger Lapin and I am a professional magician. I have performing my magic at events across the UK and abroad for over 12 years and still enjoy my job as much, if not more than the day I started. So how do you know what I am like? Well you can watch this short video below to see me performing.

Now you can see my style and the type of magic I perform you will then need to tell me a bit more about your event.

Most importantly – where, when and how many guests.

Magicians for Hire

Where and when so I can give you some availability, I can only be in one place at a time, but also how many guests is very important as I would normally perform for 1 hour per 40 guests, if your event has 250 guests then it is going to take me over 5 hours to get around to everyone, so I would highly recommend you hire two magicians. This means we can both perform for 2-3 hours and ensure everyone gets to see the magic.

Magician Hire London

Magician Hire London

Performing as a Corporate Magician at an event in London

I am based in the New Forest in Hampshire, but as I am only a short train ride from London I do perform at a lot of functions in central London. If you are looking for Magician Hire London then I can give  you a very competitive quote against a lot of the London magicians.

Magician Hire Prices

So the big question we have all come to is how much – what are magician hire prices?

Well each event is different, some events are on a Saturday in the day some are in the evening, some events are during the week, during the day. Some events will have 10 guests while others will have 200 – so to put a price on it is very difficult – as a rough guide though I charge £250 per hour for an event on a Saturday (Saturday will always be my busiest day and I wish I could chop myself into 3 sometimes) but I can only be in one place at a time. Events during the week are cheaper as there is typically less demand for a Tuesday evening than a Saturday evening

Hire Dynamo Magician

A lot of people ask me if I can hire dynamo magician for them. Assuming that all magicians must know Dynamo! I do not know Stephen personally but I do know that if you were looking to hire dynamo for an event that you would be looking to pay up to £25,000 per performance. I can offer you some amazing close up magic, but I am not as famous as dynamo.

Areas Covered

As I mentioned earlier I am based in the New Forest in and am one of the few professional magicians in Hampshire and would typically perform most of my close up magic at weddings, parties and birthdays in my home county. I do regularly perform in Dorset, Surrey, Berkshire and of course for Magician Hire London

If you would like to hire me for your next event please get in touch via the Contact Page and I look forward to meeting you!


Roger Lapin

Close up Magician for Weddings, Parties and Corporate Events.